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Talaria concept poster copy (1).jpg
Creating  high performance soccer cleats for a professional player with a sports brand.
(This student project is not endorsed by the Asics brand and is designed for educational purposes only.)

Brand Research

1949 Kobe, Japan was in shambles following WWII. Many Japanese youth lost hope for the future. Asics’s founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, knew he had to do something to uplift the younger generations. Onitsuka decided to start making athletic footwear that would promote an active lifestyle among the youth.
The company name is changed to ASICS, an acronym for the Latin expression "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" ("You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body"), a quote from the Roman satirist Juvenal.
research 2 3.png

Brand History

Over the years Asics has added materials for all other sports to its production, from running to swimming, from volleyball to rugby. But soccer, which is the most practiced sport in the world, Asics discovered later, in the late 1980s.

research 3.jpg

Soccer Cleats Selection

Asics is identifiable above all as a brand of the province. Asics managed to create a perfect identity for teams with a certain budget and organization with limited resources and a low interest rate, whose products had to be comfortable, not necessarily with an impressive aesthetics.

7777777 1.png

Demographic Persona

Name: Neymar da Silva Santos Junior
Nationality: Brazil
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5th February 1992
Height: 1.75 meters (5 ft 9 in)

Weight: 64 kg (141lbs)
Career age range: 25-35 (2017-2027)
Role: Forward
Market value: 90 million euros (87 million US dollars) Relationships: one son, Davi Lucca, no wife

Sun_Instagram_image_download_neymarjr_134418 1.png

Demographic Persona

In 2017, Neymar moved into a five-storey mansion that's worth £6.5million.

Neymar prefers casual streetwear in his daily life. The brands he wore varies, like, nike, puma, off-white, Balenciaga

Neymar and PUMA launched a collaborative lifestyle collection that arrives as an ode to

Neymar is also an icon in hairstyle. He would
style his hair very frequently for the games and other social events.

biomechan 拷贝.png

Biomechanics Study

Medial side is used more frequently

Heel - Both passes at a short distance and even shots close to goal can be useful areas to use your heel

Bottom - Not just for futsal but the bottom of your foot can be used to pass, control and even shoot a ball that is bouncing that needs just a little push in the right direction.

Inside -Used for shooting, passing and free kicks

Outside - Passes and shots are commonly taken with the outside of the foot

Top or Laces - Commonly used for long driven passes or shots from long distance



Different sections of studs have different uses.

The studs under toe box are used to start.
Middle section studs are meant for sudden stops. Studs at heel sections can help athlete to change direction.

On hybrid grass, circular rubber studs are better.

On short and dense surface like hybrid grass, circular rubber studs can penetrate the ground more securely.


In order to make connection to Neymar’s Brazilian heritage which he loves to celebrate, Brazilian parrot is choosed to be the major inspiration for this project.

jCOjFETm 1.png

Athlete Needs

19dd92be0bd14eac8d152aff0834f34b 1.png
560236_251534_800_auto_jpg 1.png
NINTCHDBPICT000559236542 1.png





PD 4 process book 44.png
PD 4 process book 43.png

First Round Ideation

The first round ideation strats with the bottom view based on the inspirations. Then I worked all the way to the upper, and the main inspiration is still coming from the Brazilian blue parrot which is paying tribute to Neymar's brazilian heritage.


The name Talaria comes from Greek myth. Hermes has a pair of wing shoe that assit him to run really fast, and it’s called Talaria.

pre final twoshoes .jpg

Function Explanation

The hidden gilly laces keep the shoe fit consistently and keeps lossen laces problem away.

The outsole wraps the upper. It not only decorates the upper, but also narrows the tip and gives player wider contact with the ball.


The sock compression makes user there will be no grass. dirt or grains fall into the shoe and affect performance. The sock compression gives easy and comfortable wearing experience.

The studs allow player to penetrate grass more securely and give enough support in the surface. Such studs are more durable and easier to change direction.

exploded view talaria copy 拷贝.jpg
Material board.jpg

Material Board

The material board sets the final material for the shoe production. The explosive view also explains each part of the shoe and what materials they are made of. These two boards work as guides for me to finad materials for the final prototypes.

Talaria soccer cleats 拷贝_edited.jpg
Designed by Alvin Xiaoao Zheng
traced talaria logo.png

Final Rendering

This final rendering contains the final color palettes and finishes, which also works great for prototype making and gives an idea about how this shoe would look like in real life.

c207522498e545a85ceaaa166545299 copy 1.png
fbfd24c9de46df261a494c3804a6e0c copy 1.png
0f1d0cf30d146322a34e4816f0ae287 1.png
upper 1.png
outsole 1.png
ebf0667a2ece2466738b088d39a8c15 1.png
634c5312d3cc33de217ed4bc653c89a 1.png

Prototype Experiment

The process of making prototypes took a lot of time. I have to transfer my 2d idea from paper into a tape masked shoe last, and then, I have to take the tape-masking off and transform it back to 2D. racing it in Illustrator and laser cut the pattern I want in EVA foam paer. After countless experiemnt, I finally got the right upper pattern and I have to put it back on 3d shoe last.

prototype 大图1new.jpg
traced talaria logo.png
Designed by Alvin Xiaoao Zheng
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