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Dior skiwear is the combination of peak perfomance and iconic Dior style. 

(This student project is not endorsed by the Dior brand and is designed for educational purposes only.)

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Brand Study

Weaving together functionality, innovation, and distinction - what results is a sumptuous range of ski suits, down jackets, and matching trousers. Crafted from a special water-repellent fabric, the pieces are able to shake off snow like water off a duck's back. Always evolving, this collection re-imagines its signature house codes, such as the lucky star emblem and houndstooth, and breathes new life into them.

dior skiing-06.png

Collection Proposal

The current collection is simple and geometric. There are so many classic design languages in this fashion house, like Cannage pattern and the new look silhoutte. Why not infusing these into the skiwear collection.

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Functionality Study

User Research


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