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CallaLily Coffee Table

Contemporary living is all about a smooth flow of daily activities and interactions like working, playing, and socializing. The calla lily coffee table is designed to fit into this flow, taking on inspiration from nature.

cover 1 拷贝.jpg

"Elegance par excellence expressed in exclusive products that are created in a sensual and organic idiom."
                                                                                                                                                                            -- Helle Damkjær

Arches play very vital role in Fendi casa's design language and it has always been their major inspiration.

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秋色_河景_3_峰之风柔_来自小红书网页版 1.png
DSC_1576_c (1).jpg
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Curvilinear furniture

Embracing frames, plump volumes, and rounded corners and edges informs a softer take on minimalism.

In search of relief, safety and reassurance, consumers will continue to to build healing spaces at home. Curvilinear designs with enveloping shapes are suitable to cater to that need, bringing a protective and welcoming quality to furniture and lighting categories.

“Shibboleth Authentication Request.”, Accessed 12 Jan. 2024.

Material Study

Simple and logical designs created with warmth and hygge will always capture a design-loving audience. And surely more and more, as our working lives are full of High tech, Scandinavian design is a great antidote.

Wood is the most essential material used within the realm of Scandinavian design, and is a testimony of the exclusive relationship Nordic people have with natural environment which surrounds them.

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Group 12.png
Group 13.png

3D Test Render

Group 14.png

Orthographic Drawings

parisian 1 拷贝2.jpg
DSC_1576_c (1).jpg


From the side view, the curvature smoothly extends from the bottom of the table all the way up to the top. I experimented with fillets and the curves of the interlocking legs to achieve this consistent, flowing shape throughout the piece.

Visune - Scoop Studio (STU065) 2.png
Visune - Scoop Studio (STU065).30.png
Visune - Scoop Studio (STU065).32.png

Beauty of  light and shadow

The organic design of the table top draws inspiration from nature, bringing a sense of calm and the beauty of curves into the living room. When the light hit directly on the interlocking legs, it creates an intriguing interplay of light and shadow, adding another dimension to the table's presence in the room.

Group 16.png

Material choice

this piece is made of white oak and clear glass. the main body is taken apart into several pieces and CNC, then put together with veneer sticking to the outside. the glass was cut along the shape of the organic frame in order to fit perfectly. the thickness of wooden frame and glass are also designed to be clean and flush from side view.

cover 2 拷贝.jpg
cover 2 拷贝1.jpg
cover 2 拷贝2.jpg
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