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E.D. Hacker Headphone Redesign

(This student project is not endorsed by the Aespa brand and is designed for educational purposes only.)

hacker headphone final 25.png

A girl group that has a special connection to their own metaverse. They can interact wither their ae, which is a digital version of them self in the metaverse.

hacker headphone final 26.png
df6ox6j-02e09238-700d-4270-a75a-1921f9dc1266 1.png

An internet virus that is invading to their metaverse and cut connection.

hacker headphone final 27.png
Aespa_-_Girls_Logo 1.png

Girls decide to fight back with their talents and special weapon.

hacker headphone final 29.png
1e457f2fe137ece0d893d91cdbe44134 1.png

She is an E.D Hacker with this speical headphone that could assit her doing hacking task and tackle Black Mamba virus.

hacker headphone final 28.png

This project is about redesigning Ningning's E.D. Hacker headphone concept.

hacker headphone final 30.png


hacker headphone final 31.png

3D Modeling process

For this phase, I used both ZBrush and Solidworks to build my model and try to create some new feature while building it.

headphone render 3.png
E.D Hacker.png
red light person copy.jpg
red light big 拷贝 1.png
cyber frame 4.png
E.D Hacker.png

Ningning is a Chinese member of Aespa. She is an E.D Hacker and plays a very crucial role in destroying the Black Mamba virus.  She has really talented hacking skills that could hack into the heart of black mamba to destroy this internet virus from its roots.

Her own digital weapon is called E.D Hacker headphone. This piece carries very high technology in their own metaverse that could help her to hack into black mamba virus.

cyber frame 5.png
hacker headphone final 23.png
easy to carry.png

This headphone will be easy to carry once they connected to the metaverse, which is Kwangya and Flat. Because it's metaverse, this piece will have almost zero weight

hacker headphone final 32.png
Hacking Assistance.png

E.D. Hacker headphone is able to help Ningning to handle hacking task everywhere under every scenarios

hacker headphone final 34.png
Communicating tool.png

This tool can be used for communicating. She can talk to her team members while they are fighting against Black Mamba virus.

日常 拷贝.jpg
daily use.png

For daily using, Ningning can use this headphone for assistance, interacting with her "ae" and even just a fashion piece.

headphone render.7 copy 拷贝.jpg
hand free.png

Higher efficiency during moving.
Hand free typing helps E.D Hacker to hacking, espceially during Aespa's fight against Black Mamba virus.

side butterfly copy.jpg

Butterfly is a guider symbol in this metaverse.

Butterfly side view also represents this headphone owner’s identity.

headphone render.40 拷贝.jpg
Group identity.png
extrude detail copy.png
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