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(This student project is not endorsed by the B&O brand and is designed for educational purposes only.)

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Our story continues to evolve, but it is always led by the same spirit of innovation, and a determination to make our products the best they can possibly be.

And now, it is time for Bang and Olufsen to explore the area of smartphones, and create their own smartphone combined with B&O’s classic design language and experimental technology. 

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Easy reaching buttons

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Iconic Bang & Olufsen polymer volume adjusting buttons gives exclusive quick responding experience.

A commitment to sustainbility

True longevity.png

Aerospace-grade Aluminum Polymer
Offers smooth touch and sensitive response.

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“Form is nothing more than an extension of content,”

Expressive Minimalism.png

“Who says that loudspeakers should hide away in corners, if the closer they get to you, the better they sound?”

It’s an evolution of elemental form, but it’s also expressive to a certain extent.

Asymmetric Design.png

Keeping the idea of Expressive Minimalism in mind, I created this asymmetrical mainform. This mainform is simple and elegant. It’s an evolution of elemental form, but it’s also expressive to a certain extent.

Lest's party everywhere you want with your Beo MicroPhone!

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More and Greater Sound Design.png

A blend of experience and perfectionism.

More audio outlets and B&O’s outstanding sound technology make this smartphone become your most portable professional sound device. 

We understand how truly powerful audio is an experience that can be enjoyed in all environments. When working on new products at Bang & Olufsen, we strive to replicate the kind of real-life situations and experiences that could detract from that perfect experience. We aim to create products that perform with power and precision in the environments that embody a contemporary lifestyle.

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Brand research

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