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Armchair designed for FENDI casa

Based on weeks of research on Fendi casa's iconic design laguage and future furniture trends. The project brief is discovering the ultimate study of sophisticated comfort, the opulence of the everyday, and the elegance of the unexpected in Furniture design.

(This student project is not endorsed by the Fendi Casa brand and is designed for educational purposes only.)


"Outdoors feature arches and sculptural forms echoing FENDI’s iconic building, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome"

Location Fendi 7 995x1257px_.jpg

Arches play very vital role in Fendi casa's design language and it has always been their major inspiration.

Location Fendi 1 995x1257px_.jpg
Location Fendi 6 995x1257px_.jpg
Mood The Outdoor 1 1029x1257 px_.jpg
DSC_1576_c (1).jpg


The new Fendi Casa collection reflects and amplifies the distinctive codes of the Maison: the arches of Fendi HQ Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the FF and Karligraphy logos, Pequin stripes and meticulous tailoring. Silvia Venturini Fendi has sought out some of the most visionary talents of our time to reinterpret the very essence of the maison, transforming it into highly innovative furnishings. Every creation contains traces of a heritage that has always fused fashion, architecture, craftsmanship and design.


Creating beauty is a work of art. Everything starts with the material, which contains infinite possibilities: the task of the artisan is to mould it until it acquires a soul. The objects in the Fendi Casa Collection are created starting from an idea that takes shape, a vision that is transformed into a unique piece designed to last. The key is in the details: weaves, inlays, reliefs, original pairings of materials and meticulous hand stitching are the very essence of Fendi, in fashion and design.

DSC_3117_c 1.png


furni ideation 3 copy.jpg
furni idea 1 copy.jpg
furni ideation 5 copy.jpg
furni ideation 2 copy.jpg
furni ideation 4 copy.jpg

The arches and double F were two of my major inspirations and iconic design language to use when designing armchairs for Fendi casa. After comparing and critiqueing from professionals, I decide to only the arches in the frame and go with this direction.

week 4 furni ideation 1 copy.jpg
week 4 furni ideation 3 copy.jpg
week 4 furni ideation 4 copy.jpg
week 4 furni ideation 2 copy.jpg

3D Modeling

After weeks of interations and reinement of archair model building, I finally figured out the perfect ridus and thickness to represnet the beauty of arches. Therefore, I am ready to make scene renderings and send orthographic for manufacturing.

rame perspectives.jpg
frame details.jpg
arch back copy.jpg
frame copy.jpg
ortho 1.jpg
fendi armchair version 3 ortho.JPG
version 3 all copy.jpg
fendi armchair version 6 CUSHION ortho.jpg
fendi armchair version 6 FRAME ORTHO.jpg

"The arches frame the sky. Light falls on the objects, illuminating them with a shimmering glow."

--Xavier Corberó

Cube.bip.61 拷贝.jpg
DSC_1576_c (1).jpg

Flow in frame

Continuous arches in the wooden frame lead viewer’s eyes travel in this brand new Fendi casa piece and experience such unique Fendi design language.

fendi fraya.jpg
Cube.bip.55 拷贝.jpg
Cube.bip.54 拷贝.jpg

Beauty of  the Arch

The side profile is inspired by the arches from architectures, which is one of the most important Fendi casa element. I played with the size of radius and angles to give the perfect ratio for showing such elegant element.

Material choice

The combination of wooden frame and cow leather cushion keeps classic Fendi’s premium material choice. The cushion would be bouncy enough to giver comfortless.

IMG_8927 拷贝.jpg
IMG_8963 拷贝.jpg
Cube.bip.64 拷贝2.jpg
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