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The TaikoMirror is a smart mirror designed for children with autism to dress up step by step.

What is Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. Children with autism, display a wide range of symptoms and characteristics, but some common features include: Social Challenges, Communication Difficulties, Repetitive Behaviors, Sensory Sensitivities and Special Interests.

Children from Stars

In China, children with autism are often called "children from stars" because the stars seem so close, but are actually so far away just like some longly stars in the universe.


The word “Taiko” means universe in Chinese, which correspond to Chinese children with autism’s identity.


Design Brief

Motivating Children with autism to overcome some problems they might face in their daily life.

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User Map Study

There are some steps in their daily routine that they have trouble dealing with. Finding the problems and figuring out the specific solutions for these would the next steps

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First-round Ideation

After researching the daily routine of children with autism, I started ideating solutions for each steps. I figured out that the step--getting dessed had the most potential.

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Getting Dressed

Based on the research, some children with autism cannot stay focused or unwilling to get dressed. They would rather scream, play dolls or even just immerse in their own world and waste a lot of time. This becomes a problematic situation for their parents.

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User Persona

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Refined Concepts

I had more ideations on how to solve the problems of children with autism having hard time getting dressed. I chose the concept of the smart mirror and started form exploration.

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taikomirror logo 立体.png

The TaikoMirror has different interfaces for kids. It is going to guide children with autism to dress up step by step. First, the smart mirror selects the outfit for kids and tells them to get clothes. And then the smart mirror instructs them to put clothes on, and cheers up for kids when they finally dressed up. A star lights up after they finished. If a kid gets 7 stars lighting up, they can get a little treat from their parents.

How does it work?

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Psychologist Approved

Material Choice

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taikomirror logo 立体.png
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